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Everyone is All In on AI at CES 2018

One of my post-CES rituals is whittling down all the products and services I saw to figure out who “won” the trade show. I remember falling in love with thin HDTVs in the early 2000’s, fawning over Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players and yearning for every smartphone I saw on the convention center floor.  This year I was impressed with camera-filled refrigerators that can recommend recipes and TVs that can be rolled up as flat as yoga mats.

But the darling of this year’s CES was not a gadget but the growing amount of artificial intelligence software helping these products run.  The proliferation of companies showing off their products was mind boggling.  Robots ran – and climbed stairs – amok, car simulators showed how they can be driven without a driver, even coffee makers that let you know when a fresh pot was ready. Google and Amazon were everywhere.  Literally everywhere including hotel and tram signage along with booth workers wearing ubiquitous “Hey Google” outfits.  Almost every product seemingly sported the message that it could be controlled with some faction of AI.

To make some sense of why 2018 may be the year that our voice and touch will be the key factors to hit the market, I spoke with Jeremie Capron, Managing Director of Research at ROBO Global.  His company created the first benchmark index to track the global robotics and automation market bringing solutions to investors.

Our conversation:

A Pee-Controlled Video Game? Call It The “Wee Mote”

Thought I had seen most everything in all the years I’ve been doing this.  Nope.

Coca Cola Park, a minor league baseball stadium in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is installing a “Urinal Gaming System.”  Home to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, you will soon be able to play video games while taking care of business.  Or at least the guys can.

Minor league baseball teams love gimmicks, because they know that people find professional baseball too boring to even watch on TV, which means they’ll only go to a minor league baseball game if there’s a cool mascot or free footlongs or they can drink eight beers and then piss for two and a half minutes and beat everyone’s high score in Need For (Pissing) Speed 5™.

Here is the concept vid.  I know this will be at Coca Cola Park but me thinks finding a beer sponsor for this game would be a home run.

Review – Tagg Pet Tracker

Dogs and cats are important members of the family and keeping them safe is a top priority.  A new pet tracking gizmo on your pet’s collar can keep track of them on your mobile device.

The TAGG Pet Tracker uses GPS technology that allows you to see where your dog or cat is and receive a notification if it wanders off.  You use your computer to set up boundaries, in your yard or neighborhood.  If the pet strays beyond that area, you’re sent an alert, to both your computer and smartphone that gives you an electronic trail that leads you right to them.

It comes with a tracker, docking station, collar clip assembly, and power kit.  After you buy the transmitter and collar clip, Verizon Wireless service costs $7.95 a month.  Good for pet owning peace of mind.

$99 for starter kit

Father’s Day Live Broadcast

Come out to Walmart at I-10 at Silber in Houston this Saturday, June 16. We’ll be set up in the electronics department from 11a-2p with a live broadcast of “The High-Tech Texan Show” on The 9-5-0. We’ll play with some cool “toys” for last-minute suggestions for dad.

The promo team is bringing Huey Lewis/Joe Cocker concert tickets and McDonald’s new Berry Cherry Chiller free coupons.

Live from Consumer Electronics Show

Back at it…I am off to Las Vegas (again) for the huge/big/crazy/enormous/exhausting Consumer Electronics Show.   We will be broadcasting my radio show live (again) Tuesday through Friday from a prime location on the convention center floor.

My daily radio show on The 9-5-0 in Houston just switched time slots and now can be heard 12p-2p CT.  Perfect timing as I don’t have to get up as early as I used to when doing my shows from the left coast.

Tune in any way you can including iHeartRadio and log on right here to my website as I will have the live webcam working so everyone can see the gadgets I will be talking about.  I can only follow so much of the overflowing info so if you see or hear something interesting out there pop me a quick note and I will try to track it down.

10 Years – New Website

To quote Frosty the Snowman…”Happy Birthday!” At least that is what he uttered when he came to life. And thus The High-Tech Texan brand celebrates a new life with a new website. Welcome!

With lots of thanks to the team, this new site is not only chock full of information, reviews, articles and my typical sarcastic commentary, it is now optimized for search engines. And that is exactly what you need, right? More of me to pop up during your searches. 😉

Bookmark this page. Link to my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter feed, Google+ and more. And if you don’t see anything that you think should be here, pop me a note and maybe I’ll try to get around to it.

Happy surfing!