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A Gift He Will Definitely Use Daily

I love me some subscription boxes.  From beer-of-the-month clubs to food services like Blue Apron, it is pretty cool to receive packages on a regular basis with things you need and sometimes don’t need.

Deodorant is something that falls into the former category.  Everyone needs help in smelling clean along with anti-perspirant.  Helmm is a product that smells great, looks good and really works.

I received a starter box from the company and it felt like I was opening a long, lost treasure box.  Smartly designed and packaged, there sat the holy grail of men’s beauty – a leather-bound cannister with a glistening, nickel-plated top and bottom.  This is not your ordinary deodorant where you roll it on and toss the bottle when done.  Helmm is a device that uses refillable cartridges.  Simply click one in and you are ready to roll it on.

Helmm has a proprietary formula free of parabens, talc, sulfates and aluminum.  Sign up for  subscription and a new cartridge will arrive at your door once every 6-8 weeks.  I am particularly fond of the Trailblazer scent (crisp, cool, adventurous!) but it also comes in 3 more options.

The starter kit runs $25 and comes with one container, one cartridge and a subscription that can be canceled at any time.

Now you – or the guy in your life – can smell good with no sweat of running out to the store for a new bottle.  Listen to my thoughts below as heard on “The High-Tech Texan Show” on iHeartRadio:



New Houston Showroom Opens For Online Custom-Made Suits

Knot_Standard_manIf a company sells custom-made suits online then why would they need physical stores?  I posed that question to Knot Standard co-founder John Ballay at the grand opening of their newest shop in Houston.

Ballay is a University of Texas graduate which is reason enough to check out his company.  They combine a high-tech approach to classic tailoring which appeals to me on several levels.  I love tech and I live for fashion (or is it the other way around?).  Customer measurements are digitized and a 3D image of their measurements are created and stored in their database.  Once an order is placed their tailors use lasers to cut pieces directly from the cloth.  The process takes 3-4 weeks from order placement to delivery.

Placing an order can be fun as you can customize everything from the jacket lapel style (the Peak Lapel is classy), to the number of buttons, pocket style, and jacket lining. You can even have your name embroidered on the inside jacket pocket in one of 18 thread colors.  Blazers start at $375 while suits have a beginning price point at $595.  Shirts and slacks can also be ordered in the same manner.

The Houston showroom is located at 2439 Bissonnet and is the company’s third Texas location after Austin and Dallas.  Other showroom locations include New York, DC, Chicago and Dubai.

WATCH my interview with Knot Standard co-founder John Ballay:


VIDEO: Tech makes outdoor activities safer

It’s getting dark outside a lot earlier now, but if the lights are going out before your outdoor activities, no worries! There are new options to make sure you are seen and safe.  Catch my segment on WFAA-TV (ABC) in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

The Glory of Glove

I will take any advantage I can on the golf course.  But I didn’t realize a glove could improve my swing until I tried the SensoGlove during my last round.

This golf glove has built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip. A built-in computer actively monitors your grip with sensors placed strategically throughout the glove, providing instant feedback at all the points of your swing.

Audio feedback warns you at the moment your grip becomes too tight, allowing you to learn and maintain correct grip pressure at every point of your swing.  It took me a while to get used to the feedback but I quickly learned when I gave up my death grip for the proper lighter grip.  Fore!