Bubba Watson Is In The Pink!

Congrats to Bubba Watson on winning the 2012 Masters.  What a great story and honest-to-goodness, down-home, American boy.

I heard from a ton of you asking about his high-tech driver from Ping.  It’s pink and Ping does not plan to release it to the public at any time soon.  Probably a mistake but who I am to tell Ping what to do (though other apparel and gear companies have listened to my suggestions before).  For the record…YES, I would swing a pink club as long as it puts my golf ball at least 300 yards out.

Travis Mathew is Bubba’s clothing sponsor.  I liked the look of his all-white threads.  Maybe white is the new red??  I need to reach out to that company for information on their product line, availability and possible secrets of how Bubba’s shirt and slacks helped his game.  I’m sure Travis Mathew will take a little credit for that.

I played a few rounds this weekend at my country club.  The only thing I learned is that I never should have taken golf lessons as a kid.  If lessons were too good for Bubba then I should have followed his lead.  And I should wear all white.

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