I remember not too long away perusing the Thanksgiving Day newspaper ads so I could plan out my route and shopping list for the next day…Black Friday.  The day after turkey, stuffing and the Cowboys’ game meant finding parking spaces along with finding good deals on products that I really didn’t need.

Nowadays there is no need to look at a newspaper just as there is no longer a wait until that Friday after Thanksgiving.  Black Friday has turned into Thrifty Thursday and now seemingly into Nifty Thrifty November.  Sales are either leaked or officially released online weeks before Black Friday and many stores begin selling these items immediately.

Before heading to stores (if you still dare) or click that link to buy a product, make sure to do some research.  Shipping costs can add up.  Some stores match competitor prices.  And batteries may not be included.  Plus if you happen to sleep in after all that tryptophan consumption, don’t worry.  Studies have shown that Black Friday deals are not the cheapest prices of the season.  Many retailers mark prices down further in December as the days before Christmas dwindle.

Here is a list from that tracks Black Friday deals from major stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Nordstrom.  Happy hunting.

P.S.  If you do find some good deals my favorite color is purple and I’m a size Medium shirt.

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