Just When I Thought The 99 Cents Only Store Couldn’t Get More Awesome

I’ve been shopping at the 99 Cents Only stores for years. Found out about them during my annual California vacations and glad they opened up here in the Houston area years ago.

I was killing time browsing at one location on the southwest side of the city Monday and happened to see a huge display of single bottles and cans of beer! First time I have ever seen beer at a 99 Cents Only store (though I think I have seen wine and champagne at a California location).

They had your standard Budweiser and Miller Lite varieties but I was very surprised to see small lables like Sierra Nevada and imported styles like Imperial and Modelo. For $6 per six-pack, me thinks that is a pretty good deal especially if you want to mix-and-match.

Party at my house….. (someone just needs to cruise their chips and dips aisle)!!

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