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VIDEO: Keep Your IZON On Your Home With WiFi Monitor

I’ve covered the tech industry a long time now and I have been amazed how simple home monitoring and security has become.  Years ago if you wanted to have cameras set up around your house you would call a contractor to have expensive, wired ones installed.  But now this industry segment has become “do-it-yourself” with small cameras connected to your wireless network.

I have several around my home including the new Izon 2.0 Wi-Fi Video Monitor.   It looks like a large lipstick tube which means you can place this most anywhere in your home or office.  The device ingeniously sits on a magnetic base so it can be tilted or mounted at almost any angle.  It only needs to be powered up, which is done by plugging in a USB connector to an electrical outlet or a computer.  Boom, you’re done.  At that point all you need to do is download the app to your smartphone, connect to your WiFi network and you can now monitor and listen to anything.

The Izon 2.0 allows for live streaming of audio and video to your iPod, iPad or iPod Touch.   It also has settings for motion and noise detection that can alert you through your smartphone.  And if that’s not enough the audio and video can be recorded automatically to a free, private account with the touch of a button.  $129.95

Click the video image below for my video review from WFAA-TV in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

VIDEO: Thinnest Charging Cable Goes Wherever You Go

The last thing I want to do is to schlep around an extra battery pack or a cable to recharge my phone when I am out. I found two new little gadgets that can go with you wherever you go as the USB cables fit securely inside the form of a credit card and a house key.   Check it out by clicking the video below.

VIDEO: Make It Rain (In Your Yard) From Anywhere

The remote controlled home just got a little smarter.  Take a look at this WiFi-enabled device to control your lawn sprinklers.  It’s a gadget called “Rain Commander” and allows you to schedule your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world. Click the video below to watch.

VIDEO: Smart Watch or Fitness Tracker? Which Is For You?

The smart watch and fitness tracking industries are growing rapidly but do you really need one?  I have been testing a few of these and found out that some work, some are tough to figure out and some you can’t live without.  Click the video below to “watch” my thoughts.

VIDEO: Household Tech Items For Spring Cleaning

How can a vacuum cleaner be high-tech?  Here is one that not only charges via USB but you can monitor how many calories you expend while cleaning your home. Plus a few tips on how to clean laptop and smartphone screens safely. Watch me get down and dirty in the video below.

VIDEO: PS4 vs Xbox One. Which one gets my thumbs up?

This edition of High-Tech Tuesday is sandwiched right between two big video game console releases.  Last week we got the PlayStation 4; this week the Xbox One is unveiled.  Here’s my take on which console you may want to go with.    Catch my segment on WFAA-TV (ABC) in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

VIDEO: Tech makes outdoor activities safer

It’s getting dark outside a lot earlier now, but if the lights are going out before your outdoor activities, no worries! There are new options to make sure you are seen and safe.  Catch my segment on WFAA-TV (ABC) in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

VIDEO: Beware Ransomware

“Ransomware” is the latest type of virus infecting computers all over the world.  Here are things to watch out for and how to prevent.  Catch my segment on WFAA-TV (ABC) in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

The High-Tech Texan Expands Reach To Dallas TV

The High-Tech Texan® Joins Dallas ABC Affiliate As Contributor

Dallas, September 30, 2013 – Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA-TV continues to enhance its award-winning newscasts by adding veteran media personality Michael Garfield as the station’s technology contributor.

Garfield, known as The High-Tech Texan®, hosts a daily radio program on Houston talk station KPRC-AM and contributes to TV stations and magazines across the country.  He will initially be a part of WFAA Channel 8’s recently launched newscast at 4:00pm.

Garfield is looking forward to the broadcasts in his hometown.  “I grew up in Dallas and watched most everything on Channel 8,” he said.  “From ‘Bowling for Dollars’ with Verne Lundquist to Mr. Peppermint, I watched hours upon hours of programming.  I credit both my parents along with (longtime WFAA anchors) Tracy Rowlett and Iola Johnson as raising me and creating a passion for a career in media and broadcasting.”

His passion and understanding of consumer technology has won accolades and awards with his commentary and coverage of topics from the launch of HDTV to the mass consumption of smartphones.  “Tech products are released at a very fast pace and the typical user is confused on whether they should buy it or not.  I try to break down the positives and negatives of products, apps and services so their buying decision is easier,” Garfield said.

His name will be familiar to Dallas/Fort Worth viewers as he has contributed to Dallas news radio station KRLD-AM for the past several years.


Though he has generally reviewed and recommended tech products and gadgets for the past dozen years, Garfield has since expanded the content of his coverage to more general consumer products.  These include automobiles, clothing, outdoor and hunting, travel and food.

Garfield graduated from W.T. White High School in North Dallas and has a Radio-TV-Film degree from The University of Texas at Austin.  He began his career as an on-air presenter on QVC home shopping network.  His roles and jobs have since ranged from spokesperson for companies like Time Warner, HP, Verizon Wireless, to a recent stint on ABC soap opera “General Hospital”.

Garfield currently resides in Houston and plans to split time live in the WFAA studios and contribute via satellite from Houston.

Click photo below to watch his initial broadcast.

Michael Garfield Know How To Make A Pitch

Don’t be deceived with that headline from a recent front page column in The Houston Chronicle.  Though the league-worst Astros do need help on the mound our own High-Tech Texan will not be throwing 90 mph heaters from the mound.

Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman regularly answers reader email about local media personalities.  He received a large amount of inquiries about Michael appearing in a national TV commercial.  He then went on to tell a few stories of how he works closely with his clients and how we began his media career…on QVC Network.